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What is this game ?

Ouverture Facile (the French translation for "Easy Opening") is a riddle game with a growing difficulty. Each level has to be solved to access the next one and what you learn in a riddle might be useful later in another one. The game doesn't really end as I add levels when I have some fresh ideas. Ouverture Facile was launched in June 2005 and features 92 French levels to this day (November 2006), I'm translating them for non-French players, so if you reach the "Work in progress" page, be patient because the next one is coming when it's done.

Read this page carefully, it will give you some really useful hints on getting started, good luck !

Spoilers :

You are highly encouraged not to divulge the answers (or the URL of the levels) if you don't want to spoil the pleasure of others. However, you can help your friends by giving them some hints but be careful, do not tell them more than they need to know to fully enjoy the game.

The purpose of this game is to search for answers.

Hints :

There are many ways to solve a level, and clues may be hidden in unusual places. The answers themselves can be used in different ways and can be typed inside or outside the game window :

- Some clues are optional but others are needed to understand the riddle. To see the clue of the riddle just click on the "clue" button under the game window. But this isn't always the only clue you can find... The page title and/or the names of the files used in the level might often be useful.

- Sometimes clues are hidden in the source code. To see it you must right-click on the background of the riddle (the black and white grid) and select "show source" (or "source", depending on your browser).

- Some clues can be hidden in pictures or sounds. You'll need softwares to solve some levels but there is nothing you can't do with free ones. Check the "Open-source softwares" paragraph in this page to see and get what you might need to play the game.

- You will not always have a text box or a button to press to solve a level. Some answers have to be typed directly in the address bar of your browser. For example : if you are in a level named white.html and if a clue tells you to go to the opposite level, you can directly replace white.html by black.html in the address bar to see what happens. And if you need to download a file named color.jpg you can also replace white.html by color.jpg to access the picture.

- Be patient, avoid the spoilers if you don't want to ruin your game experience. You don't need to be a scientist or a computer specialist to play this game. You only need to spend some time to understand the riddle and to use google to learn what you don't know yet (the search engine is inside some of the clue pages).

Open-source softwares :

Image retouching softwares :

- For Windows
- For Mac OSX
- For Unix

- Official page

Screenshots :

- Handysnap - Trial Version

You can also take a screenshot by hitting the "print screen" button on your keyboard. To paste the screenshot in your Image retouching software just create a new picture ("file->new", in your software) and select "edit->paste".

Sound edition :

sndrec32 is included in windows but you will need more advanced features.

- Official page

Hexadecimal editors :

- Hex Editor (Windows)
- Hex Edit (Mac OS)
- Hex Edit (Mac OS)

If you don't find what you want with these softwares, you can visit this site :

- Framasoft