If you love this game there are many ways to support us.

The goodies :

You may want to wear a T-Shirt featuring the logo of your favorite game. Or even solve a level while drinking a good coffee in the Ouverture Facile mug. Oh ! Look at the clock ! You are still trying to solve this f***** level...

Everything you can buy at the Ouverture Facile Shop is cool and bring some money to support the game (between 1 and 3$ per product).

Click on this logo to access the shop.

Donations :

It's not easy to keep a free game alive, even with the help of publicity. An advert has to be seen and clicked a lot of time to earn a small amount of money. That's why you can directly financially support this game by making a donation with paypal.

Note : Paypal takes a Commission of 0.20$ + 3.4%, so if you donate less than 50 cents it's all for paypal ;). Every dollar is usefull to pay the bill and keep this game alive. Even a small donation is more than welcome.

If you want to make a donation, just click on this button and follow the instructions, it's safe and easy :

Spread the word :

A free way to support the game is to tell the other to play it. There are several ways to spread the word :

The Flyers :

You can print and drop some flyers where it might interest some people. Click this picture to learn more about the flyers :

The Flags :

You can also spread the word on your website or on some forums. You can use the official flags to do so. Check out this topic to learn more about the flags : The Flags

Cheer us up :

Another free way to support the game is to cheer up the moderators and myself by posting your feedback on this topic : What do you think of Ouverture Facile ?

It doesn't bring money but it brings joy.

Bring life to the new English forum :

This one is simple, just speak your mind about anything you care on the forum. You've seen a good movie? You've played a good video game? You like painting and you want to show us your work? The forum is here for you : visit the forum